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010 - Air Law

629 Questions

021 - Airframe and system

695 Questions

022 - Instrumentation

753 Questions

031 - Mass and Balance

346 Questions

032 - Performance A

439 Questions

033 - Flight Planning

243 Questions

040 - Human Performance

676 Questions

050 - Meteorology

1319 Questions

061 - General Navigation

585 Questions

062 - Radionavigation

579 Questions

070 - Operational Procedures

485 Questions

081 - Principles of Flight

680 Questions

090 - Communications

373 Questions


Air escape

110 Questions

MCQ 100% compliant with AESA 2023 objectives

Furious-ATPL provides the new ECQB 2022 question bank, updated with the latest EASA 2023 amendments.
100% compliant with the European Learning Objectives, our system allows you to practice quickly, with numerous explanations, and offers an online help service to support you throughout your training.

Questions are provided with explanations to help you understand and learn as quickly and easily as possible. Enriched by user's feedback, with direct access to the most often 'seen on the real exam' questions, you take the best advantage to success your ATPL Avion or Helicopter theoretical exam on first attempt.

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