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Who are we ?


Airline pilot (Boeing 737), aeronautical trainer since 2001 and especially passionate about aeronautics, I had the opportunity to fly many planes and helicopters, of all makes and types. I started on a glider, then I tried ULM and finally airplane via the Brevet de Base and the PPL. I am also a modeler and aeromodeller.

As an aeronautical teacher, I have written many technical courses and different MCQ bases dedicated to private pilots, professional and airline pilots, flight attendants, as well as to the French and European telepilot exams (drone pilots).

My MCQ database, strictly in accordance with the knowledge objectives, will bring you a precious help to become a confirmed pilot. I bring a direct support to all the users of the site, you are able to contact me directly from the MCQ interface and I will be pleased to guide you or to bring you all the necessary explanations to understand each good answer.
I only offer questions that are on the exam syllabus. I regularly add new questions as the regulations evolve and also by following the feedback from students.

You will not find on my website questions that are not on the syllabus, or questions with wrong or ambiguous answers. All the questions are the result of my knowledge and research, they are protected by copyright and registered with a bailiff, the same goes for the images and documents, which unless otherwise stated, belong to me and are protected. Having observed that competing sites tend to use my site, I wanted to make this clear!

Do not hesitate to consult me for any question about the functioning of the site, and if you are the person in charge of a school wishing to direct your pupils towards my site, you should know that a dedicated access 'schools', with an interface allowing to manage and follow the complete progress of your pupils, can be put at your disposal on simple request.

Finally, I am not alone, I am assisted by other experienced professionals, in particular Eric, who is responsible for the programming of the sites, and who will be able to assist you if you need help to use the site.

Have a nice preparation on FAT !  Bertrand


Experienced webmaster for 15 years. During this period, I had the opportunity to carry out many web projects for different companies and organizations. I have developed expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of high-performance web projects on all platforms.

Currently fully involved in Bertrand's many projects. We are a team of qualified and experienced professionals in our respective fields, able to meet your most demanding MCQ learning system needs. We are convinced that our combination of skills and experience allows us to provide you with results that exceed your expectations.

Good progress to you! Eric