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Why use an MCQ ?

The benefits of a full account

More capacity

- Access to all the questions available on the platform, for a complete and efficient preparation.

- Access to timed exams to assess your level.

- Access to explanations and/or online courses for training based on solid professional knowledge.

- Access to your progress report with a printable format for better monitoring of your work.

More speed

- Automatic recording of notes from all your sessions to track your progress.

- Ability to skip questions without answering them to focus on the questions most important to you.

- Priority on database reading for instant access to questions.

More interactivity

- Possibility of providing additional explanation according to your personal and professional experience on a basic question.

- Ability to write a testimonial review to help other users choose the best platform.

- Possibility of linking your account to a school that will follow your progress and your results.

- Possibility of editing a report for training funding organizations (OPCO type, etc.)

More availability

- Possibility to request additional information from the editorial team under each question for a better understanding of the concepts.

- Access to the case log to exchange directly with the administrators in order to obtain answers or advice.

Ultimately, the full account is a wise choice for students who want to quickly improve their chances of passing exams, who want to increase their level of knowledge and their performance. With a full account, you get a lot of benefits for your preparation.

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